Yesterday, we established that while things are looking quite finite for the future of Nachtmystium, there’s still at least one album up Blake Judd’s sleeve. You might have missed it under Judd’s extensive statement, but an album by the title The World We Left Behind is still planned for an early 2014 release through Century Media Records. Turning all the negative press into some positive buzz, Stereogum has given us a first taste of the record in the form of a new track titled ‘Voyager.’

On first impression, I’m quite impressed. There’s something about the track that just feels more personal. The production is a bit clearer and the guitar hooks and end solos are nearly breathtaking. The track is also a bit more straightforward and traditional in the grand scheme of things. There’s a recognizable structure and things don’t get weird or psychedelic. It’s just a killer black metal influenced metal track, and it’s catchy as hell.

Judd explains:

Given everything that’s going on currently, I’ve decided to put something positive out there and give the fans who are behind the band a little something new before I retreat into silence for a few months. This is a track entitled “Voyager” off of our upcoming album, “The World We Left Behind”, that will be released in early spring 2014 on Century Media Records worldwide. I’ve chosen this track specifically because the lyrical content and motivation behind the music written for this track has everything to do with the demons I’ve been battling leading up to this very dark period of my life, and I felt that it rings true to everything that is happening right now. Enjoy this track and look for more news on this recording, me and the band in general later this year or in early 2014. Thanks again to everyone who’s written me personally or left a comment or a ’like’ on my recent response to all of this via my personal Facebook account. Your support is something I am deeply grateful for.

See you all on the other side,

Blake Judd / Nachtmystium

Seriously, if The World We Left Behind is as great as ‘Voyager,’ then we’re looking at a potential album of the year for 2014 on top of it being a killer swansong if Judd hangs up the Nachtmystium name for good. Go listen to the track and get all kinds of hype here.

– JR


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