a wolf amongst ravens

We were right on the money yesterday in our assumption that the new After the Burial track would be ‘A Wolf Amongst Ravens’! At midnight last night, Sumerian Records upped a lyric video of the track, as well as unveiled some details and pre-orders for the group’s new full length, Wolves Within.


It’s no surprise that — like just about ever Sumeriancore band — there’s less emphasis on technicality and progression and more interest in groove-oriented riffs. That’s fine in this case though, in my opinion; the song’s plenty catchy enough on its own and the production is nice. Still, a band can only do palm muted open notes so many times before I start to get bored.

Here’s a segment from the accompanied press release detailing the new album plans:

Justin Lowe (guitars) states: “We are beyond excited to announce that our new album, Wolves Within, will be released December 17th on Sumerian Records. We’ve spent the last two years pushing our own limits in an attempt to give you what we feel is some of the most crushing and dynamic material we’ve written to date. We feel like this record is a new beginning for us. We are continually trying to push our own musical and creative boundaries that have yet to be explored, and simultaneously paving the way for the future of our sound.

“We also couldn’t be happier to announce that we have re-signed with Sumerian Records. We have so much respect for not only everyone at the label, but for all of the bands on the roster as well. For almost six years, Sumerian has been our home, and the home to many of our favorite bands. None of us could ask for a better setting right now, having the opportunity to work with our friends on a daily basis doing what we love.”

So it looks like the new album will be released this year after all! Snatch up a pre-order here, and plan on ringing out 2013 with the catchiest breakdowns. Wolves Within will be out December 17th.

– JR


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