This one has bounced around the Heavy Blog staff for a few days now, but I finally got around to checking out the self-titled full-length debut from Montreal’s Unhuman. And I’m glad I did because Unhuman is absolutely ridiculous. Masterminded by guitarist Youri Raymond, who you may be familiar with through his time spent ‘redeeming’ (read as: “returning them to their roots”) one of death metal’s most divisive bands, CryptopsyUnhuman is one of those extremely rare perfect mixes of laser-precise technicality and truly captivating song writing.

Fans of Spawn Of PossessionGorod and the aforementioned Cryptopsy’s jazziest moments will most likely find themselves a new favourite here, in this showcase of crushing but always meticulously riffage, fascinating drumming and a vocal approach that ranges from some completely inhuman lows to deranged screeches that are unlike anything I’;ve heard before.

And if all that rambling hyperbole has you interesting, then you’re in luck as the band are streaming the entire thing through their Bandcamp page and offering up the entire thing for the extremely apt price of $6.66 in Canadian dollars.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3050278258 size=medium bgcol=333333 linkcol=e99708]

I’ve talked extensively about late contenders for end of year lists, but I can easily see Unhuman cracking their way into a few — there’s more than enough twists and surprises on the standard tech-death affair in store here (just check out the Death-esque intro ‘[in]Human Being‘) to keep this album in steady rotation for me.

– DL


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