Monday’s suck. Thankfully, grindcore/powerviolence titans Weekend Nachos have made their upcoming full length Still available for streaming through Decibel Magazine and, if you happened to catch my review last week, then you’ll already know this well worth your time.

If I remember rightly, the album only spans about twenty minutes so you can probably cram this album in a good ten or so times into your working day. You only need to listen to aural high-speed car crash that is the opener ‘Sickened No More‘ with it’s coarse shouts, ruthless blasts and punk-infused mid-tempo stomps to realise that the band have really outdone themselves here on Still, possibly even eclipsing previous outing Worthless. 

So strain your neck here with Decibel and be sure to grab a copy when it drops on the 11th of November through Relapse Records.


– DL

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