You know the drill by now, our favourite Canadian Devin Towsend is back and is teasing some updates through his Twitter account and, over the last few days, we’ve learnt a couple of interesting things. First up, remember Ghost II? The ‘leftover’ sessions from the extremely mellow Ghost that never quite properly saw the light of day? Well, according to a new tweet, Devy will be cannibalising some of the material for use on the 2nd disc of the upcoming Casualties Of Cool release:

Picking away at Casualties… calming. Verrrry specific mix though. Starting Disk 2 next week. (Extra Casualties, best parts of Ghost 2)

Makes sense, if the teaser we got (see below if you missed it) is any sort of indicator then they’re both incredibly relaxed and laid back records.


Also, if that wasn’t quite enough teasing for you, then another tweet he released suggests that, as well as working on Casualties Of Cool and the new Ziltoid The Omniscient record, the man with 25 hours in a day has also got to work on some new ideas for The Devin Townsend Project. Colour me excited.

Listening to casualties, new dtp music and seeing updated versions of Ziltoid I’m very satisfied with the current cards in the deck :)

Smiley face indeed, Devin.

– DL


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