panopticon roads to the north

Louisville, KY based black metal act Panopticon is on the cutting edge of the genre, taking the bleak post-black metal atmospheres and combining them with a unique bluegrass influence. I’m confident that 2012’s Kentucky will be looked upon as one of the best albums to ever come out of the genre.

Now, after a handful of split releases have been announced, the full-length follow-up to Kentucky is now in sight. Panopticon has signed with Bindrune Records and will be releasing Roads to the North in early 2014.

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It’s a shame Panopticon parted ways with The Flenser (A+ label!), Bindrune does seem like a good home. The label slates the album release for January, so hopefully we’ll get to have a taste of the album within the next month or so!

– JR


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