Whales And Leeches has occupied an odd position in the metal world, at least from my perspective. Reviews I’ve seen have been mixed but all the places I trust the most have loved it, hell if you read my review you’ll know I loved it too. So while there may be some negativity whirling around it, I’m well up for hearing more from those recent sessions and, if you are too, you’re in luck.

Red Fang have unveiled a bonus track from the album on YouTube and if you were a fan of their more dark and moody pieces on Whales And Leeches then ‘Black Water‘ will be precisely your cup of tea.


Normally a b-side is a fairly lacklustre and sub-par compared to the band’s normal level, but I honestly wouldn’t have minded ‘Black Water‘ being slotted on the end of the album. It’s got that super heavy and dark stoner vibe that the band did so well on Whales… — it probably would’ve made a great closer with that outro.

– DL

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