disfiguring the goddess 2013

As the year winds down, it becomes more difficult to come across an upcoming album worth greatly anticipating. Generally, labels slow new album releases in November and December for whatever reason. I’m not as up-to-date on the release schedule as I used to be, so I may be overlooking something, but as far as I know, the new Disfiguring the Goddess record Deprive is the only upcoming release for 2013 that I’m stoked on.

Just last week, we were treated to a stream from the album track, ‘The Pathway To Everlasting Nothingness.’ Not to leave us wanting, yet another new song, ‘Death’s Head Mask,‘ has been available for slamming over at Metal Injection. Get pumped, because it’s among some of the best brutal death around, wonky production aside.

In addition to the new song, Disfiguring the Goddess has also unveiled new pre-order bundles for Deprive, as well as glorious new album artwork from Japanese artist Toshihiro Egawa. Deprive will be out December 10th through Decomp Records.


– JR


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