Weekend-Nachos-Still-620x620Weekend Nachos


01. Sickened No More
02. No Idols and No Heroes
03. S.C.A.B.
04. Satan Sucker
05. Late Night Walks
06. Watch You Suffer
07. Wolves
08. You’re Not Punk
09. Ignore
10. Yes Way
11. Broken Mirror
12. Still

[Relapse Records]

Back in 1997, grind legends Brutal Truth tucked what is essentially the mantra for all grindcore into the opening track of their classic Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom. ‘Dementia‘ begins with a sample from a 1953 Dr. Suess film by the name of The 5000 Fingers Of Dr. T that simply states:

“Still not loud enough! Still not fast enough!”

From some people’s perspectives, this probably encompasses the entire point behind the continued creation of grind and powerviolence — every band needs to be louder and faster than the one sat directly next to them. But when every band out there is attempting the same thing then it can all become a little stale quickly. Thankfully, that’s where bands such as self-proclaimed ‘jock powerviolence’ act Weekend Nachos come into their own with a potent dose of tight songwriting and influences that run the whole gamut between hardcore and grindcore.

Still is the latest offering from the outfit and sees the band surging through twelve tracks in only twenty minutes and acting as the logical follow-up from their 2011 release Worthless. Opener ‘Sickened No More‘ slams it’s boot through the door in a familiar way with dense feedback, coarse shouts and d-beats before the aptly depressive ‘No Idols And No Heroes‘ and following rager ‘S.C.A.B’ show off this band’s knack for crafting thick and sludgy mid-paced breaks to counteract the blastbeat frenzies that can be found elsewhere. Although the band were never one’s to drastically change their sound, it’s obvious even on the first listen that this material is another step above the lofty position the band carved themselves with Unforgivable and Worthless with each riff and passage conjuring thick crust like never before.

Other highlights include ‘Satan Sucker‘ that opens with an absolutely primal and crushing riff that most bands would drag out way past it’s welcome, Weekend Nachos on the other hand instantly tear straight back in the ferocious speeds they are more accustomed to. Also, the two longer tracks ‘Watch You Suffer‘ and the title track and album closer ‘Still‘ total a running time of just over seven minutes and cram in so many Magrudergrind meets Full Of Hell twists and turns that it shows the band short running times are a matter of choice and not for lack of ideas.

Every time I hear a new Weekend Nachos release, I’m convinced that THIS is the album you show to people who have doubts about whether grindcore can create legitimate and interesting extreme music. Still doesn’t distance itself from it’s highly respected predecessors in both Worthless and Unforgivable in any measurable way, instead it aims to top the music by refining and honing their music to a sharp point. They’re not the loudest and they’re not the fastest, but they are, by far, one the best.


Weekend Nachos – Still gets…


– DL


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