mutation error 500

That’s one hell of an oddball line up. But it’s true, the latest project from The Wildhearts mastermind Ginger Wildheart goes by the name Mutation and features contributions from the legendary Shane Embury of Napalm Death, the king of noise Merzbow, Mark E. Smith of post-punk titans The Fall and members of the UK’s new rock upstarts Hawk Eyes, amongst others. It’s an eclectic mix and the band’s debut album Error 500, that was recently dropped on the equally left-field Ipecac Records, shows that off.

Metal Hammer have the stream of a brand new track by the name of White Leg and it’s a dense listen. It marches fearlessly through rigid industrial rock to almost carnival-esque cheery vocals, to ruthless blast and d-beats to an angelic catchy croon — it’s avant garde music that manages to still make a great song out of all it’s disparate parts and, if I’m to believe what I’ve been told, it’s actually one of the more straight forward pieces on the album.


– DL


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