new VOM single

Thursday is here, and with it comes a new Veil of Maya single, ‘Subject Zero‘! I’ve seen mixed reactions to the new jam around social media, with people praising the songwriting, song length (finally a 5+ minute VoM song!), and use of synths and bemoaning the thin guitar tone and a perceived overabundance of chugs, which is silly because Veil of Maya always had breakdowns. Oh well, people will find a way to complain about anything.

You can check out ‘Subject Zero’ and the announcement of VoM’s re-signing with Sumerian Records below:

The single will be available for purchase November 11th. With the stream available now, why wait a week and a half to start taking up money? Also, it looks like the “new EP” has become a full-length album that will be released next year. OH WELL. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long!

– JR


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