Any hopes for a good new In Flames album have long since been dashed. 2011’s Sounds of a Playground Fading put the nail in the coffin for many of us, and it’s best that we move ahead and pretend like it never happened. You know, like the sequels to The Matrix or — more topically — that album Trivium did between Ascendancy and Shogun.

Still, In Flames march further out to pasture as they hit the studio to record a new album. Here’s the statement:

In Flames on historical ground.

David Bowie, Depeche Mode and U2 have all recorded some of their strongest albums in Hansa Studios in Berlin. Now it is time for one of metal’s top acts to write the next chapter in the history of the famous studio.

In Flames have just arrived at Köthener Strasse 38 to record the follow-up to the gold-selling “Sounds of a Playground Fading” from 2011. The recording of the band’s eleventh album will continue throughout the year, and in the spring of 2014 we will have the chance to hear the result of this exciting meeting between the classic studio and the Swedish metal pioneers.

The single “Deliver Us” recently reached platinum status in Sweden and the band’s inexhaustible touring have fortified the band as Sweden’s big metal export. Now it is time for the next adventure for In Flames, who have sold more than three million records to this date.

The band’s singer Anders Fridén cannot wait to get into Berlin’s legendary studio where milestones such as David Bowie’s “Heroes” and Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life” were created. And it is not only the history of music that is constantly present on Köthener Strasse 38. The house was built as early as in 1913 and the studio used to be called Hansa by the Wall because of its closeness to the Berlin wall.
– When I visited Hansa Studios earlier this year I got goose bumps. There is so much history both inside and surrounding the studio and I want to be a part of that. Magic has been created here and hopefully that will affect us, Anders Fridén says.

Something tells me that since the press release opens with references to U2 and Depeche Mode, it means we’re getting more neutered pop metal. Who am I to judge though? These guys have families to provide for at this point, I’m sure. If songs like ‘Deliver Us’ put food on the table, you gotta do what you gotta do.

So the world is getting a new In Flames album next year, but for the rest of us, at least we’ve still got The Jester Race.

[Via Metal Injection]

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