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Bad news for fans of Swiss industrial metallers Sybreed. Following a departure from vocalist Benjamin Nominet, the band have decided to go on an indefinite hiatus instead of taking up the task of finding a replacement. Sybreed have taken to Facebook to make the following statement:

Dear all,

This is the most difficult and worst announcement that we’ve ever had to make, and we were not expecting to have to but, unfortunately, we do not have the choice… So here it goes:

One month ago, it’s with great sadness that Benjamin had to inform us that, because of reasons beyond his control, he won’t be able to participate in the upcoming tours scheduled. He consequently, after a lengthy period of reflections, decided to leave Sybreed, for professional and personal matters.

On the rest of the band’s side, we have therefore chosen to cancel all our upcoming engagements, which include our participation to the Soilwork tour, considering that replacing Ben on such a short notice is out of the question, not only because it verges on the impossible, but mainly because we don’t want to. He is now and always will remain an important part of Sybreed’s identity, as well as one it’s founders. So we will take some time off to focus on our other projects, and in time we’ll see where we stand.

We would like to thank Benjamin with a warm heart for those great years spent with him as Sybreed’s singer, but also as a true friend.

We are all very sad about this unexpected situation and still shocked, but it is what it is and nobody is to blame, just a mix of very sad and unexpected circumstances.

We also would like to apologize to the bands and the staff involved in the Infinity Tour, and to our fans who expected to see us on stage on the upcoming days. We feel really awful canceling on such short notice.

And most of all, we would also like to thank all the people we worked with and all the fans that supported us in the past ten years, we are very lucky to have you and will never forget.

See you, hopefully, as soon as possible.

Hopefully this isn’t the last we hear from Sybreed. Finding a suitable vocalist for a next phase shouldn’t be too difficult, so hopefully after the band has had time to mend and reflect, we can get some more new jams in the future.

– JR



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