This Will Destroy You

When was the last time you really had your imagination captured by a live album? They’re semi-redundant these days when YouTube is chock full of live videos and audio (with varying degrees of quality, of course), but that hasn’t stopped post-rock legends This Will Destroy You releasing their recent visit to Reykjavik, Iceland as a fully fledged release and, honestly, I can’t stop listening to it.

I’m vaguely familiar with most of their work, but in a live setting these tracks really come into their own. For instance, ‘There Are Some Remedies Worse Than Disease‘ taken from their debut EP, Young Mountaintransforms itself from a moody, sweeping post-rock classic to a dramatic and monolithic wall of reverb-laden sound as it reaches it’s climax at roughly 5 minutes and 30 seconds in. Thankfully, Noisey are offering a full stream of the track right here.

Live In Reykjavik, Iceland will available from the 29th of October through Magic Bullet Records.


– DL


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