disfiguring the goddess

Cameron Argon is a polarizing figure in metal insofar as the difficulty it is finding someone ambivalent of him and his work. People seem passionate about his work in Disfiguring the Goddess and Big Chocolate, but many others can’t seem to hate him enough. Sure, Disfiguring the Goddess is brutal death metal by way of electronic music, but if you can’t get down with grooving death metal riffs and synth leads then I just don’t have anything to say to you.

We loved the hell out of his last record Sleeper, and are therefore excited about his new upcoming album, Deprive. A brand new song from the record, titled ‘The Pathway To Everlasting Nothingness,‘ has landed over at Metalsucks. It paints a good picture for the new album for sure. It’s not as immediately “catchy” as the songs from Sleeper and the production is still weird, but it’s the same DTG style electroslam we’ve all come to know and love and/or hate.

Deprive will be out December 10 via Decomp Records. Stick around next week for pre-orders and album artwork!

– JR


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