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Now for many bands, this wouldn’t be a huge deal, but Pig Destroyer have always been known for their lack of a bassist. It wasn’t a defining feature of their sound or anything but whenever you think ‘metal without a bassist’, I’m betting a good portion of you would name-check these grind legends. The lucky guy is cousin of drummer Adam Jarvis and bassist in Fulgora, John Jarvis, who’s announcement came via an interview with Scott Hull in Terrorizer:

“Well, the biggest reason we DIDN’T have a bass player, or another guitarist, for so many years was that we just didn’t want the added complication of someone having to learn lines that I’d already written. Additionally, we just didn’t want to have another person in the band because it adds complexity; travel arrangements for shows, space in a van/bus. . .etc etc.  As the years progressed, we just thought “well we’ve gone this far without anyone else, why bother introducing a new headache now?”  But honestly, I’ve been wanting to broaden the scope of our music for quite some time.  It would be very difficult, for instance, to really do some Jesus Lizard-y type of material without a bass player, but we want to bring that sound into our material somewhat as well as some other styles that would really require a bassist, so that really made us think about it seriously. Luckily, the bass player we chose is a really good fit technically and personality-wise.  He gets where we are at and knows we are picky about what we do and when, so he wont get impatient that we aren’t touring 200 days out of the year.

The sound of Jesus Lizard via Pig Destroyer has me excited. But to get your juices really flowing (ewww), Hull also teased some details about their upcoming plans:

What does the future have in store for Pig Destroyer?
Scott Hull: “More racket in the form of CDs (if CDs are still being pressed when we get around to recording again) and live shows. A couple of split EPs are looming in the air. Nothing definitive as of yet however.”

More Pig Destroyer is always good thing.


– DL

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