I really wish bands would offer the main gist of an announcement as a title because for the longest time reading through Protest The Hero‘s latest announcement I thought bassist Arif Miradolbaghi was leaving the band. That’s a terrifying thought. Fear not though, as the truth is a little less blunt — Miradolbaghi will simply be sitting out on the band’s upcoming tour as he is busy with a project of his own:

Dear friends,

Riff here. It’s with a heavy heart that I’m writing to say I won’t be joining PTH on the upcoming North American tour. As you can readily imagine, this is the most challenging decision I’ve ever made as a part of this wonderful band and I have not done so lightly.

Over the past several years, I’ve been working closely with some very talented performers in creating a stage adaptation of a Dostoevsky story entitled The Double. We debuted February 2012 to enthusiastic audiences which, through good fortune and hard work, has led to a new staging of the show at a different theatre as part of their official season. These dates were originally tailored to work around the PTH schedule but (as all of you musicians undoubtedly know) creating an album is a series of missed deadlines and inevitably takes longer than expected. The results left us with two options: wait two months with a finished album for my play to be over, or release the music we’re so proud of and bring the show to you as soon as possible. The band, as they say, played on.

Filling in on bass is our longtime friend, producer, creative collaborator, and stand-up gentleman Cameron McLellan. He is a tremendous musician of immense consequence and will likely leave audiences saying “Riffy who?” If you don’t believe me, listen to Without Prejudice on our new album and enjoy his sparkling cameo: an amazing riff he both wrote and performed.

I have always taken distinct pride that the PTH audience is open-minded toward art & the creative process. I can only hope you’ll be as understanding as my brothers in the band who have shown incredible support and patience in the face of hideous miscalculations of tragic timing. Those interested in details of my stage production can follow the links provided. I encourage anyone with questions or comments to reach out to me directly, but please understand I am fielding lots of messages so I may be awhile in response. I’m sorry to the old friends I’ll miss on this tour, and the new friends I would have made. I’ll see you all in 2014. Remember to tip your merch guy.



We’ve all heard ‘Without Prejudice‘ by now, clearly Cameron McLellan is a great choice of a stand-in, and if you’re interested in learning more about Arif’s project then you can read up about it here.

Also, be sure to head to the Facebook page and laugh at all the people crying because ‘I PAID FOR THE ALBUM, SO I SHOULD GET THE WHOLE BAND LIVE’. People will find a way to complain about anything.


– DL


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