fear is the driving force

Cory Putman, frontman for the mighty Norma Jean, is quite a busy man these days. Between recording and releasing the fantastic Wrongdoers earlier this year and then touring in support of it on the Summer Slaughter Tour, not to mention their upcoming headlining tour in November with KEN Mode and Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, you’d think he’d be totally booked. Well, apparently not. He’s also been hard at work writing new music for a hardcore punk side project called Fear Is The Driving Force, which also reunites him with his brother Matt Putman on drums. The two previously played together in a little mathcore outfit known as Eso-Charis back in the late 90s. Random little tidbit for the day… but I digress.

The band has been in and out of the studio recording a full-length record, but they need your help! They recorded a demo called Volume Zero back in 2009, and it sat on their Myspace page until recently, and have moved it to their Bandcamp page. They’ve made fair progress on the recording of the album, but have yet to finish it. So, they’re offering Volume Zero on their Bandcamp for $5, and any money raised is going towards the completion of the record. The full record will include the six tracks on Volume Zero in addition seven more. If you have any inclination towards punk rock whatsoever and have $5 to spare, help the boys in Fear Is The Driving Force out. Volume Zero is 2o minutes of raging punk rock bliss, and it’s worth every penny.

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– AL

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