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It’s a Monday, so naturally I’m trawling through Facebook updates while I’m meant to be working, looking for something, anything, ridiculously heavy enough to wake me up. Lo and behold, UK tech-grinders Evisorax are teasing 30 seconds of their upcoming new album Goodbye To The Feast… Welcome To The Famine with the delightfully welcoming message ‘NEW RECORD, 30 SECOND PREVIEW. GET SHARING, TELL US YOUR THOUGHTS, FUCK YOU’ and it’s the sort of sickeningly heavy grindcore noise that you need on a Monday. See for yourself:


30 seconds may not seem like much, but in the context of grindcore, we may be looking at, at least, a half to two thirds of the full album here so I’m gonna go ahead and say watch out for spoilers on this one.

You may have originally heard of the band when they released their previous EP Isle Of Dogs through the Grindcore Karaoke platform but Goodbye To The Feast… will see a release at some undetermined time in the future through Bones Brigade Records and 2318 Records. I’ll be looking forward to it.

– DL


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