uneven structure 2012

In what may be the most imaginatively titled post I’ve ever done, I bring you the news that tech-minded Frenchies Uneven Structure have begun to tease the follow up to 2011’s Februus. It’s not much and the quality honestly isn’t that great, but I guess that adds to the mystique of it all. So head over here to the band’s Facebook page and check it out for yourself.

There’s no concrete details as of yet, but we know at the very least they’re working on it. From what I can discern, it sounds great — it’s got that juddering djent-y sound they always had but it’s a little more straight up ‘traditional prog’ than before, if you get what I mean. Either way, it’s hard to read into such a small amount of music, so here’s to hoping that we get a more extensive look into it in the near future.


– DL


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