Let’s not play dumb here. We know the new Protest the Hero album Volition leaked. You know it leaked. We’re all internet savvy here. It’s kind of taboo to mention that an album leaked in blogs and such, out of a fear that we’re advertising illegal downloading and what have you, but when it comes to forward-thinking solutions to the problem, we like to praise the effort when bands make the best out of a bad situation. Not wanting to keep their crowdfunding backers waiting while the pirates revel in what might be their best work to date, Protest the Hero sent out an email update to IndieGoGo supporters, offering the new album for download ahead of its official release date.

The email states:

Dear all of our beloved IGG contributors,

In light of the album leaking (as they always do now a days), we wanted you to have the best version of this possible on the same day it leaked. Since we found out about it today – we have scrambled around and created all of your unique download pins. I hope you will understand, this is a little earlier than we forecasted the leak….but that’s the way she goes eh!?

Anyhow, please enjoy the album – you are all the reason we are so proud of it…and the only reason it happened to be honest! We can’t thank you enough.

Good on the band for not ignoring the issue! If you’re one of the 8,361 people who backed the creation of Volition, check your email for details on how to get your high quality download of the new album. It really is among their best work to date!

The group also made available the campaign-exclusive artwork from Dan Mumford, which you can see above and via the video below:


For everyone else, Volition will be out October 29th through Razor & Tie.

– JR


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