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Brutal death metal band Pathology — who have notoriously changed lineups and labels like underwear — must have decided to forgo the trouble of hunting for a new label, as they’ve announced plans to start their own label, Pathology Music, in 2014.

There’s not a lot known about the label right now, other than the fact that it’s ran independently by the band. Will this label just be host to new Pathology records, or can we expect to see other acts being signed? No one knows just yet, but the band promises some new info to be available soon at their official website.

To elaborate on the title of this post, the band have managed to release a new album every year since 2009, and have been signed to at least five labels since their inception. It’s good to see Pathology take their music into their own hands. If history repeats itself, the band could be putting their new label to good use next year with a new Pathology record.

In the mean time, the group recently released their seventh album Lords of Rephaim via Sevared Records. Go pick it up and SLAM.

– JR


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