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Metal bands having their own alcoholic beverages isn’t really that new of a phenomenon, but I can’t think of something that makes more sense than this, sans of course Pantera brand whiskey or High on Fire hemp beer. No, Fleshgod Apocalypse have fully embraced their Italian symphonic and orchestral heritage and will be releasing their own line of white and red wine.

Via Blabbermouth:

Both white wine and red wine lovers will enjoy this very unique kind of merchandise, as “Ariadne” and “Minotaur” cover the most popular kinds of Italian drinking culture.

Stated the band: “We have spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to thank all our fans for the outstanding support we received throughout these years, a truly unique gift which could fully represent our Italian heritage and our strong connection with the Mediterranean culture. That’s why we decided to choose two of the most typical blends of our area, grown in the most prestigious vineyards, to deliver you these two high-quality wines, inspired by the myth of the labyrinth of Knossos. Here’s to you: ‘Minotaur’ and ‘Ariadne’!”

The wine is currently only available for European customers at the moment, but there’s a promise to eventually include worldwide buyers in the fun. What better to augment a listening of Labyrinth than with a glass of wine? If you live in Europe, pick up both bottles for 30€ or look through the specs here.

– JR

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