Vildhjarta - Thousands of EvilsVildhjarta

Thousands of Evils

01. Introduction: Staos
02. Längstmedån
03. Dimman
04. Regnar Bensin
05. En Mörk Vit Lögn
06. Dimman Från Lützen
07. Intermezzo
08. Mist Förståndet

[Century Media Records]

Vildhjarta’s debut LP Måsstaden remains as one of the best djent/deathcore/whatever-you-want-to-call-it releases in recent memory. Their unique blend of an aggressive low-end sound with odd-timed leads is something that is completely unique, and is definitely a part of their signature sound. They showed a significant improvement from their debut EP Omnislash to Måsstaden, but the question remained how far they would be able to evolve their sound after not only a successful record, but a record that had some very niche qualities about it. Thousands Of Evils isn’t necessarily a “dynamic” shift in the band’s sound, nor is it a rehash of old material. Rather, it is a progression towards their next studio LP, and a logical one.

The EP is 8 tracks long and clocks in at just under 25 minutes in length — packed with shorter tracks, but made up for in a sense of flow and completeness. This demonstrates something that the band picked up on with their last record. Yes, while there are some great long songs on their LP such as ‘All These Feelings’, some of the songs on the record tend to drag on at times, not necessarily overstaying their welcome, but wearing out their memorability. The EP changes that, with each song being just long enough to grab your attention — to get stuck in your head. Then, it moves on to the next song, and so on. If the band decided to make their next record with twice as many songs around the same length as these, it would be more than okay. The brevity of these songs keeps you coming back for more, instead of scrubbing to your favorite moment four minutes in.

There are also some clean parts on this record, but not necessarily in the form of singing. They are more in a spoken word fashion, and it’s definitely prevalent on the final song, where the riff that comes in is put in conjunction with these spoken word vocals and just creates this thick, super heavy atmoshphere ( yes, atMOSHphere) which will make you want to bang your head until your neck snaps. The growled vocals also show improvement, and have gotten heavier since their LP. The band has been hard at work on this EP for nearly a year, and it shows in the improvements throughout the album. The guitar work is also superb, though most people will say it sounds too “similar” to what we got on Måsstaden. However, while it does sound similar, it’s not the same. There is a degree of heaviness on this record that you can feel that wasn’t there on Måsstaden. While it was a heavy record, these songs on the EP retain a quality of the abyss, of an ever-growing darkness that the band couldn’t fully achieve on their LP.

This album is not without its faults, however. The album’s production is also not as good as Måsstaden, although it’s not bad enough that it terribly hinders the overall quality of the record. It’s as if the group were striving for a raw and grimey sonic quality comparable to the likes of Ulcerate or Portal, but it misses its mark. These minor critiques should not make you shy away from listening to the record, however, because it still sounds heavy. Some listeners may also find that the acoustic-oriented instrumental track ‘Dimman‘ meanders to nowhere in the context of the entire EP, while others may praise the track for taking risks with the band’s established sounds and expanding the sonic palate. It’s still a welcomed experiment, and proper use of this new acoustic style could allow the band to create Opethian prog epics.

Vildhjarta have already made a name for themselves in the metal community, and are even going to support Veil Of Maya in the US, their first time ever on this side of the pond. The band is still extremely young and have many more years of making music ahead of them. Hopefully they can take all of the critiques and constructive criticism into consideration when making their follow up LP next year, because this band has extremely high amounts of potential, and are on the right track to reaching it at the fullest. Vildhjarta have found their niche and are sticking with it, and their next album will definitely be an example of that. Who knows? Maybe they’ll have more singing sections like their Omnislash EP!

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