east of the wall redaction artifacts

Following the announcement of the Redaction Artifacts I told you all about the time I went full pleb-core and skipped out on listening to East Of The Wall for the longest. You’ll be glad to know that since then I’ve seen the error of my ways and resolved that issue with a complete aural binge on their back catalogue and the upcoming Redaction Artifacts as well. You’ll also be much more interested in the fact that the band have released the first full length track from the album, ‘Arbiters Meet‘, which is available for streaming below, courtesy of Metal Injection:


Sounds great, don’t it? It’s filled with more of that meandering, ever-climbing riff style they do so well and you’ll be hard pushed to get that opening vocal line out of your head after the first time you hear it.

Redaction Artifacts will be available from the 29th of October.

– DL

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