anaal nathrakh studio

Here’s something worth keeping on your radar: UK blackened grindcore group Anaal Nathrakh have hit the studio! Now that I think of it, it seems like it’s about that time for a new record from the group, though it doesn’t really feel as if their last album Vanitas is that old!

The group have updated their Facebook page with the above photo and the following:

Mick kenney is now recording The 8th full length Anaal Nathrakh album at his studio in Orange County #theblackflamingo

At first I thought the odd hashtag might have been a teaser of some sort, but Google leads me to believe that The Black Flamingo is a clothing brand based out of Orange County. I guess you’re never too kvlt for fashion.

More info when we have it. In the mean time, get wrecked:


– JR



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