a million dead birds laughing

A Million Dead Birds Laughing are understandably oddball group straight out of Melbourne, Australia — their previous release Xen was released mid-way through last year and turned a few heads at Heavy Blog but I’m not sure if we ever go the chance to talk about them. Regardless, with a turn around that would make Jari Mäenpää gasp, the band have returned with a new line up and a new album entitled Bloom ready for release next month.

Seppuku‘ is the first new music we’ve been able to hear and it’s streaming in full below:


It’s full of all those turn-on-a-dime timing changes and ruthlessly fast riffs that the band do so well, marking out territory somewhere between the intense short, sharp shock of grindcore and the ultra-tight and sophisticated approach of tech-death. If the other 13 tracks on Bloom are half as good as ‘Sudoku Puzzle‘ then this should be an extremely interesting addition to your listening habits.

– DL

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