the safety fire eggheads

That title will probably only mean something to those of you in the UK, but a while back you may remember The Safety Fire announcing that they would be partaking in a TV quiz show entitled Eggheads that pits 5 members of the public against a group all known for their comprehensive general knowledge. The Eggheads have some pretty impressive credentials when you look through it and it’s fair to say a lot of them have made a living off these general knowledge quizzes (there’s even a millionaire in there from the days of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?), but can they stand up to the moustache-laden power of British tech-metal?

The full episode is available to watch here, but as with most things that should be available everywhere, it’s region locked to the UK. It would be reckless and DOWNright careless of me to suggest a route for you to LOAD this MEDIA and I will not even give you a HINT.

Also, those Hawaiian shirts are a thing of beauty.


– DL


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