de deathfest II

Europe has North America beat when it comes to metal fests. So far it’s undisputed, but we’re catching up. Regional “deathfests” are popping up across the States, and while Maryland Deathfest is the biggest event in extreme metal, others are beginning to make a name for themselves. Maryland Deathfest has a knack for pulling in rare live events and one-off reunions, but Delaware Deathfest scored a coveted set from the newly re-minted Skinless, as well as other big names such as Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Deicide, and more. Catch photos from day two of the event below, courtesy of Maclyn Bean Photography.




The Absence

Broken Hope



View days one and three of the fest here! For original high resolution images and more from the photographer, visit Maclyn Bean Photography on Flickr.


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