lorelei lore of lies

Our friends in Lorelei are in need of funding to ensure their debut album Lore of Lies sees release before the year’s end. Now, I’m sure many of you are about sick of the crowdsource funding due not only to oversaturation, but because many of you feel that bands are asking for too much money. Lorelei however, are asking for a mere $2000, which we feel is a reasonable amount of money to finish up mixes and inside/back artwork.

They’re just barely a day into the campaign and they’ve already met nearly half of their goal with 30 days to spare. Suffice it to say that this album’s getting done on time. Perks are pretty neat as well;$300 — the highest amount for perks — will get you on the guest list to EVERY Lorelei show you wish to attend. A great investment, if you ask me. Who knows where the band will end up however many decades down the line? $100 will get you on stage as a guest vocalist during a live performance. NEAT.

Hit up IndieGoGo and help this promising young band get their debut album made. Please and thank you.


– JR


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