I’m over all the metal covers of pop songs. They’re not making pop better, they’re just making metal worse. No one wants to hear the new Taylor Swift single with growls and breakdowns. Stop it.

Unless of course the covers are from our longtime friend Drewsif Stalin, who consistently makes the best metal covers of pop music.

Here’s why Drewsif reigns supreme in the pop/metal cover world:

  1. Great production in both audio and video
  2. Being faithful to the original arrangements, while tweaking the song just enough to fit his own style.
  3. He isn’t being ironic

When you watch Drew perform in these videos, he always seems to be having fun. The dude doesn’t take himself too seriously and is unafraid to admit that he likes pop music. When he covers these songs, you get the feeling that he isn’t trying to make a statement or whatever. I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus at all, but Drew and guest vocalist Nikki Simmons’ performance of ‘Wrecking Ball’ is highly enjoyable.

Check it:


I hope Drewsif ends up putting out a full-fledged covers album in the future. His One Direction and Katy Perry covers are just as great, and having these songs and more on my iPod would be just swell.

– JR

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