ihsahn - das seelenbrechen

Each new Ihsahn solo album is vastly different than the last, much to the chagrin of those of us who think After is the greatest thing he’s ever done. I wasn’t too hot on Emerita‘s more dark and depressive mood at first, but it still holds up as a great album once it sinks in. Though, I’m a bit more excited about the off-kilter nature of Ihsahn’s new album Das Seelenbrechen, which evidently sports a proggy improvisational spirit.

The latest track unveiled from the album, ‘Tacit,’ continues to show off that spirit as a spastic jazz bridge pops up out of the song seemingly out of nowhere following after an atmospheric section. Check out the track over at Loudwire, and revel in the glory of the saxophones.

Das Seelenbrechen is due out October 22nd through Candlelight Records. I got the promo of this album this week, but I still haven’t heard it. Asleep at the wheel, I’m telling you!

– JR


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