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UK metal fans are often spoiled with huge festivals and several large tours that, along with our continental European brethren, usually pass through most of our major cities. Today the UK Tech-Fest organisers announced via Facebook that they are following up this years very successful Tech-Fest with an all day concert at Scream Lounge in Croydon on the 9th of November.

Several bands that played the Tech-Fest back in July are performing again with returning acts like Nexilva (who some of the staff here, myself included, are quite big fans of) and Visions. The rest of the lineup is a showcase of up and coming metal talent from throughout the UK.

I personally won’t be able to get down to this but there are a bunch of bands I would really love to check out (Mask of Judas and The Projectionist in particular!) so if you are free, in the area or went to Tech-Fest earlier in the year and want some more of where that came from then get down there and support the UK metal scene in one of its many forms.

Keep up with details on the UK Tech-Fest Facebook. It’s an all day gig so 12:30 doors may be an issue for some, but if you wanna go you will find a way!

– MM


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