ihsahn - das seelenbrechen

I wasn’t aware of it at the time of writing about ‘Hilber‘, the first track unveiled from Ihsahn‘s upcoming new album Das Seelenbrechen, but the main talk surrounding the album was that Ihsahn wanted to make a record that much freer and improvisational. With this in mind, much of the flourishes and oddities of ‘Hilber‘ make much more sense, but now with another new track entitled ‘NaCl‘ we can now start to get to grips with just how much that improvisation affects the sound. Listen below:


NaCl‘ seems quite rigidly defined in places here, there’s no shortage of winding time signatures and off-beat rhythms, so it makes for an interesting comparison to ‘Hilber‘.  But it’s definitely one of the most immediately enticing things I’ve heard from Ihsahn‘s solo project in a good while — I’m on my fourth repeat already and I don’t think I’ll be turning it off any time soon.

Grab Das Seelenbrechen when it drops on the 21st through Candlelight Records.

– DL

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