This one is a little old, I’m aware, but I’ve been knee-deep in just how great an alternative to Spotify Grooveshark is. Yes, slowpoke, I know but up until this year there’s never been an issue with me using Spotify at work and, while it’s not as up to date and meticulously arranged, Grooveshark has been more than enough to keep me busy those days where I forget to charge my MP3 player or whatever. I digress, the main point here is that earlier in the week user BoltThrower79 of the Shreddit subreddit put together a playlist following a discussion put forth by user TitsOnAPancakes (I love Reddit usernames) on the heaviest metal songs of all time and it’s definitely worth a listen.

Check it out here. Stretching the spectrum from the slow-as-molasses doom of Yob and Electric Wizard and the frantic fretboard melting of Necrophagist and Aborted, there’s more than enough sheer heaviness here to keep you occupied. I won’t list everything but it’s also fair to point out that whalecore pioneers Gojira, Devy’s mental moments in Strapping Young Lad and the industrial churning of Meshuggah all make more than justified appearances here (although I’m surprised to see ‘Marrow‘picked up over something like, say, ‘New Millennium Cyanide Christ’ or ‘Bleed‘). But as with every list ever when it comes to music, it’s never complete, there’s always something more you could add — so what, to you, are some of the heaviest metal songs of all time? Are they low and slow, maddeningly fast or somewhere between the two? And what, in a whole sea of bands trying to be heavy, makes these stand out so much?


Personally, here’s a few I figure could make the cut:




– DL


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