the butterfly effect

It is now more than a decade since The Butterfly Effect burst on to the Australian alternative metal scene, captivating audiences with their darkly heavy riffs and beautifully melodic vocals.  However, with time, and perhaps unsurprisingly given their close association with bands like Karnivool and Cog, the band developed more of a prog-rock sound, culminating in their critically acclaimed third album, Final Conversation of Kings.  Unfortunately, though, it soon became apparent following the release of this album that all was not well within The Butterfly Effect camp, and with the departure of vocalist Clint Boge in mid-2012, the band’s future seemed uncertain.

Fifteen months later, and the band have not only announced the addition of a new vocalist, Paul Galagher, but are showcasing his talents on a new track, Eyes Down.  Now I must admit, I have not come across Galagher previously, and while he appears to have a bit more of a traditional rock edge to his voice than did the sublimely skilled Boge, he certainly seems more than capable of holding his own against the band’s powerful sound.  It’s also great to hear the band drawing somewhat from their alt metal roots, and I for one am pretty excited to hear what else this next chapter for The Butterfly Effect has in store.

– GS

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