protest the hero - volition

Protest the Hero‘s new album Volition is probably my most anticipated record right now. I haven’t heard it yet, but from what I’ve heard, it’s a step up from Scurrilous, which was an alright album, but following Fortress, felt a little stale. The previous song we’ve heard from the record ‘Clarity‘ turned out to be exactly what I wanted from the group, and the trend continues with another new song, ‘Drumhead Trial.’

The track apparently leaked a few days ago, so the band rolled with it and released the song as an official stream via the YouTube player below:


This song features guest vocalist Kayla Howran and an insane guitar solo from none other than Ron Jarzombek of Blotted Science. Sweet!

Volition is due out October 29th. Pre-orders are available at MerchNow.

– JR

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