protest the hero - volition

Given the Tumblr community’s obsession with their warped views on social justice on political overcorrectness, it does my heart good to know that they’ve all got something new to be upset over. The “safe” version of Volition‘s artwork (above) is only a taste of what the full artwork depicts. Check out the NSFW artwork below.

protest the hero - volition full

I want to say that this speaks for itself, but that’d just be a lie to avoid talking about it.

People are already upset over the supposed depiction of gang rape, but who’s to say that it isn’t consensual? Maybe she identifies as a night-visioned cyber vulture and this is a moment of self-actualization and personal exploration? Who am I to judge?

Regardless of what it “means”, I’ll be sticking with the amended artwork just so I can avoid the awkward conversations having to explain. Volition is out October 29th on Razor & Tie.

– JR


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