baby godzilla don't touch that dial

Remember Baby Godzilla, the band that was willing to down too many Jager shots in their video for ‘Trogloraptor‘? Well, it looks like they’re willing to suffer for their art as their latest video ‘Don’t Touch That Dial‘ shows the band in a torture situation taking on maggots, mouse traps, fire and paintball guns in a deranged game show setting. And although it takes place in warehouse, it’s a fuck-sight better than most of the other warehouse videos. Go lookie:


It’s probably the perfect companion for the band’s abrasive and noisy hardcore — if the music makes you feel disorientated and uneasy, why shouldn’t the video!?

If you’re liking this particularly mental racket, then be sure to pick up the band’s latest EP Knockout Machine from their website here.

– DL

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