cormorant 2013

The internet metal community is in love with Cormorant. Whether it be because of the open line of communication, spirit of independence, or simply because the music is that great (it is), the hype is always great when the band becomes active. The group’s last album Dwellings was a masterpiece of folk/black metal inspired prog, so naturally hopes are high for the band’s upcoming third release. The only caveat in sight is the loss of frontman and bassist Arthur von Nagel, who left to pursue a career in video games. You may have seen his work in the award-winning The Walking Dead game from Telltale Games. Excellent choice for a career path indeed, but he will be greatly missed as Cormorant’s mouthpiece.

Thankfully, that’s not stopping the band from moving on and creating another wonderful album. The group have picked up a new member in Marcus Luscombe of Vengince and Cloakwheel to provide bass and vocals, so anticipation and expectations are high. The album will likely be taken in a slightly different direction as such, and I can’t wait to hear it.


The group have taken to IndieGoGo to fund the album’s creation, and the perks are great if you’ve got the wallet for it, including banjo or fiddle lessons at $100 or a jam session with Cormorant for $350. As of this writing, they’ve made a little over $4,000 of their $7,500 goal with 26 days left. There’s no question that they’re going to meet their goal, possibly with a good chunk of change to spare. Regardless, the group is completely independent, so every dollar counts. Click over at IndieGoGo to help make this album happen.

– JR

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