exivious liminal

This was precisely what I needed today. Exivious may be well known for their ultra-precise and proficient jazz metal, but their new track ‘Alphaform‘ is something different altogether. It’s not often you can describe a metal track using the word ‘mellow’ in a positive way but that’s exactly what is occurring here — ‘Alphaform‘ sort of trundles along at a really nice mid-paced feel with plenty of that characteristic guitar solos whirling around it.

You stream the entire thing here, through Terrorizer. It’s not a huge departure for the band, still in line with the direction they were headed before, but it’s got me very excited to see what they can come up with on Liminal. Thankfully, Season Of Mist aren’t making us wait long as it will be ready for human consumption come the 8th of November.


– DL


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