Tasmanian skronky tech-death outfit Mephistopheles have returned after a 7 year downtime and are now streaming their Willowtip debut Sounds From The End in full over at Metal Underground. The band features none other than Matthew ‘Chalky’ Chalk, who you’ll remember from his time spent in two legendary death metal acts; Psycroptic and Spawn Of Possession, and produce some of the most jarring and dissonant music you’ll hear all year — fans of Atheist and Gorguts would do themselves a favour to check them out.

Although we’re nearly three quarters of the way into the year, 2013 shows no signs of letting up any time soon on these great metal releases and I can easily see Sounds From The End becoming a bit of a sleeper hit. I’ve only listened through a couple of times now, but it’s intelligent and varied music that isn’t tiring to listen to, so I’m sure this will see a fair bit of time on my playlist.

Sounds From The End will be release October 1st through Willowtip Records.

– DL

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