man must die peace

If there’s one band you can count on to bring seriously heavy death metal every single time, it’s Scotland’s Man Must Die. Their upcoming crowdfunded album Peace Was Never An Option looks set to continue the trend and listening to the twenty second samples of every single song available for streaming through Amazon, it’s pretty obvious we’re in for a treat.

Also, I’m glad the band decided to include ‘Antisocial Network‘ on this album, despite it’s release as a free download late last year. It’d be a shame for newer fans to miss out on it as it wasn’t part of any official release, mostly because it’s one of the most downright ruthless and riff-filled death metal tracks I’ve heard in the past few years. Check it out for yourself, then adjust your neck brace accordingly:


Peace Was Never An Option will be available from the 25th of October through Lifeforce Records.

– DL


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