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For those who weren’t aware, former Decapitated drummer and multi-instrumentalist Kerim “Krimh” Lechner parted ways with Decapitated late last year, citing “personal differences” as his reason for doing so. In spite of his departure, Krimh expressed interest in writing more music as a solo artist, and held an IndieGogo campaign to help fund the recording of his first full-length record, Explore. The album has been eagerly anticipated by many a followers of underground metal, myself included, and now, at last, Explore has arrived.

It would be a darn shame if this album flew under people’s radars, because this is really quality music. Krimh’s drum work on Decapitated’s Carnival is Forever was mind-blowing, and Explore proves that he is equally as adept as a musician and songwriter when he steps out from behind the kit and writes compositions that are purely him. There are a lot of interesting melodies and musical ideas presented throughout Explore, and it is and album that begs multiple listens to fully grasp. In short, Explore is some of the best instrumental metal you’ll hear all year, and after just one listen, I’m confident that it has already solidified a place on my year end list.

Check out the album below via Bandcamp.


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