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Recently, Team Rock Radio, a UK based digital radio station that is actually surprisingly good, talked to Trivium guitarist Matt Heafy to get his thoughts on the current state of metal — definitely a question that doesn’t really a non-controversial answer. While plenty of Heavy Blog are fans of the band, I’ve never quite managed to get into them, but I can respect what they do and Heafy is definitely in a unique position to give his view on the subject. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were still around in ten to fifteen years, but this time headlining the Wacken’s and the Download’s of the world.


Regardless, hear out what he had to say below:


Definitely some interesting points made. Can’t say I completely agree, personally, I’d say metal is in a great place right now in regards to new promising bands coming out the woodwork — I would say that though, I have to justify why I’m sat here writing that right now.

Regardless, I can get behind his skepticism for what is essentially ‘dance music plus metal’, I’d struggle to think of many bands that are legitimate in that sense. But when we’ve got bands like Revocation, Sylosis and Anciients all out there and making considerable waves, I’d say there are bands that your ‘traditional metal fan’ could get behind to a certain degree — now I’m not saying they’ll be headlining Wacken any time soon, but given the right circumstances I don’t see why any of those couldn’t occupy Trivium’s place in the future.

So, what do you think? Are we progressing or simply treading water? Have we peaked or already peaked?

– DL

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