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Yesterday, while the site was down, we were delivered the terrifying news that Sylosis were involved in an accident whilst on tour with Devildriver, Trivium and After The Burial. However, a few hours later, details began to emerge that, although the band were dropping off the tour to take some time to recover, they were mostly fine, save the obvious bruising and stitching. Late last night, guitarist Josh Middleton took to the band’s Facebook page to clear up a few details:

Hey everyone, Josh here. Myself, Rob and Bailey have just been released after over ten hours in hospital. Carl is being kept in overnight as he’s in too much pain to walk but should hopefully be released tomorrow morning (Montreal time) once some of his muscle pain/swelling has subsided.
All four of us and our driver were hospitalised but seeing as Bailey was the only one who didn’t get taken in on a stretcher and a neck brace he wasn’t treated as urgently. He’s just had his back sewn up and is off to the scrap yard where the RV was taken to get people’s clothes and some personal items – hero.
We’re all very lucky. We’ve mostly just been stitched up (my eyebrow, a few on Carl’s legs and Bailey’s back), badly bruised and what feels like full body whiplash. In car accident terms we’re alright but in general terms we’re not physically capable of continuing on with the tour and aim to get back to our families and friends asap to recover.
We want to thank the paramedics, the passers by who came to our help, the staff at the hospital and all of the fans and bands that have wished us well. It means the world to us.
Stay safe,


I think I can speak for everyone when I say: thank fuck they’re OK. Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery for them all.


– DL


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