doomriders grand blood

While we all sit trying to find new ways of killing time between Converge releases we are at least being treated with a new spin from Nate Newtons’ Doomriders, the newest release under Jacob Bannons’ Deathwish Inc. banner. Grand Blood is currently streaming over at Pitchfork and while not quite the whole way through yet I am happy to report that anyone who enjoyed the aural battering that was 2009s Darkness Come Alive should definitely appreciate this newest effort.

The now famous one man production machine that is Kurt Ballou has left his stamp all over this record with the muddybutsomehowstillcrisp produced guitars and rolling, crashing drums that we now expect to come out of his Godcity Studio. Do yourself a solid and hit this stream, buy the album when it is released on October 15th and get to one of their shows supporting High On Fire if you can.



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