circles infinitas

Circles‘ Infinitas looks set to crack a few heads when it drops later this year, if what I’ve heard from those lucky enough to hear it is true. Their Faith No More by way of Meshuggah mix has always been potent, one listen through their debut EP The Compass will show you that easily, but it seems they’ve really hit their stride on this new material.

Response‘ is taken from that aforementioned forthcoming full length and is available to stream from the ever-reliable Radio One Rock Show at roughly 55 minutes in. Naturally, the band have continued to expand upon their sound and explore even more of those crushingly heavy moments that have snuck into their latest material. I don’t think it’s stepping too far to say that if there’s any justice in the world, these guys will blow up and finally get the recognition they deserve with this album.

Infinitas will see an October 14th release date through Basick Records.

– DL


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