Having Mastodon around is great, they’re like a more dependable version of Tool — pouring out interesting and varied music with a fairly regular pace. Their stripped-back rock ‘n’ roll Thin Lizzy-worship album The Hunter was only released two years ago, but the band have already announced that they they are well underway with the follow-up. The details came through in the form of a status on their Facebook page stating:

MASTODON has been busy jamming everyday writing and arranging the next studio album. we have quite a few songs and ideas that are taking some time to nail down what we think will make it to the next full length. there will be no more touring this year, we will hit the studio in November to hopefully finish by the end of year.

So I think I can speak for everyone when I say it’s going to be incredibly interesting to see where they go next. Honestly, I’d be fine with them revisiting the slightly more progressive-leaning work of their classic albums but at the same time, I could happily do with a few more scorching RAWK riffs like ‘All The Heavy Lifting‘ and ‘Black Tongue‘.


– DL


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