whores clean

Noise-rock may not be the most popular of styles around here, but Whores are a force to be reckoned with if you’re willing to give them the time — a cascade of riffs and fuzz that could match even the slowest, lowest doom band in terms of sheer heaviness. After a short break following the storming Ruiner EP the band have finally returned with it’s follow-up in the form of a new EP, entitled Clean. ‘Baby Bird‘ is our first look into Clean and is streaming in full over at Invisible Oranges.

I have to agree with Doug Moore’s write up on the band, suggesting that at first glance while they may appear simplistic, there’s a lot of thought behind this racket. If Clean is anything like Ruiner then these are tracks that will slowly weave their way into your head and before you know it you’ll entrenched in this filth.


– DL

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